What Makes a Good Quality Marriage?

Many people want a good marriage, and although it might seem it, having one is not as difficult to achieve as it might seem. When in a marriage relationship, both man and woman should make every attempt to strive for a happy married life. Many excellent marriages actually do exist and even though it might not seem that there are many out there, the number of successful marriages is growing in numbers.

There are behaviors which will aid in helping a marriage to become a fulfilling relationship. Against popular opinion, people have great control over how their marriage turns out. Do not be deceived; you can make or break your marriage.

Allowing your spouse to truly see who you are is very healthy. Marriage, a true sharing of each other, is first and foremost about listening, being transparent and communicating from your heart. Several important factors in developing a fulfilling marriage is; being transparent, respecting each other and nurturing and supporting one another.

Giving your precious marriage time to flourish requires an altruistic attitude which can be difficult, but are very fulfilling. When the decision is made by two people to get married, both individuals must come to the realization that what you sow or give to that marriage, you will reap or get out of it. Nowadays, most people spend a great deal of time on their diet, hair style, etc. and somehow forget that the very vital thing in your existence, your marriage, needs to be worked on and valued just as much.

If a person is completely unaware of the strong and weak points of their marriage, they will be totally surprised by the transitions that occur and unfortunately, not see them coming before they arrive. Marriages, most times, have events that have to be weathered by the couple who soon will realize that once you make it through one of these emotional roller coaster rides, that you will be better off because there is now an awareness of the phases that a marriage endures. Marriages, whether people want to admit it or not, goes through many different developmental stages that if observed and discussed, are very predictable. The stages of marriage include good and bad phases and one of them is that you wonder what the heck you were thinking that you even married this person.

The stages of a marriage are very interesting and many times confusing all at the same moment, with one of the stages of your relationship being all flowers and symphonies as you wonder how you ever lived without this person in your life. The stages of marriage include good and bad phases and one of them is that you wonder what the heck you were thinking that you even married this person. Marriage and its stages creates so many emotions which includes the stage where you love your spouse yet you dont like his: smelly breath in the morning, the way she takes forever to get ready for an event and the list goes on and on.

Where people involved in marriage have to be careful, is that in the midst of a heated argument you dont spout all kinds of threats and accusations. A marriage is full of so many turning points that anyone that is married has to be extremely cautious not to say things that you will be sorry for later on such as: I want a divorce, I hate your mother, I wish you were dead and so many other creative words that somehow find themselves into your marriage. When two people are married it is important to remember that you are on the same team, you are not opponents.

Its very important that one realizes that marriage, just like most things in life, holds good moments, bad moments and moments in between; and its all important, but your perspective on those moments is the most vital thing. Peaks and valleys are to be expected in every marriage as well as moments of true bliss and then times of horrible displeasure. Having perseverance in your marriage is vitally important because at times you will find that youve realized that neither one of you are perfect, but you are willing to work through your differences for the sake of the marriage itself.

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