Bridal Wedding Shower Ideas about Themes

Some bridal shower ideas have been around for a long time. Themes like the kitchen shower, where gifts are designed to complete a new kitchen, or the 24-hour theme where guests provide gifts to complement particular times of the day, are old favorites that originated from times when new brides were building their household items during the engagement period. With more people marrying later in life or remarrying, couples often have all the counter top appliances, towels and other household items they need. With the change in the way people marry, bridal shower ideas have opened up into to realms. Showers can be planned to give the bride an enjoyable memory, such as a destination shower where bride and guests spend time at a spa, a horse ranch or a beach or ski resort. Some bridal showers have become bridal weekends, with guests meeting at a lovely spot to enjoy a weekend of relaxation and fun together.
Or showers can provide luxuries for the home: a variation on the kitchen theme might be to have guests bring gifts of gourmet food items that the bride might not buy for herself but would enjoy cooking with. If the bride has a particular need for her new home or lifestyle, her shower could be planned to fill that need with appropriate gifts. Since brides are usually registered before the shower (bridal showers usually take place one to two months before the wedding ceremony), guests can purchase bridal shower gifts from the registry to make sure they’ve gotten presents that the bride will love.

One bridal shower idea that never goes out of fashion is the lingerie shower. This naughty celebration can make for funny decorating, food and table centerpiece choices. Decorate the room in the classic lingerie colors of red and black, using feather boas and swatches of tulle from the craft store. The menu might include strawberry daiquiris and dark chocolate cake, or champagne and oysters to create the strong suggestion of decadent luxury. Plans might include simply giving the bride gifts for her lingerie wardrobe or you might observe the improprieties by engaging the services of male strippers. The party depends largely on the attitude of the bride and her group of friends: don’t send a stripper to a Christian bridal shower, or you may offend the bride.

A bridal shower brunch is a creative party idea, and if you haven’t chosen a particular concept, you can always use the wedding itself as a source of inspiration. Decoration might include white tulle and lace tablecloths, drinks with little lacy parasols and fun bridal shower games with prizes for winning guests. Build a wishing well from a small cardboard box covered with wedding wrapping paper and covered with a lace canopy. Let guests place small unwrapped gifts or monetary gifts into the wishing well. (By tradition, the wishing well gifts are made anonymously). The wishing well can also be used for messages: guests can bring a card with a special note of good cheer for the bride and groom.

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